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ROI of Usability

ROI of Usability: A Collection of Links:
Quote: “It is hard to directly estimate the economic impact of usability. However, it is important to do so, both at the macro and the micro level. Products with bad usability can have impact in terms of wasted time, erros, unfinished tasks, frustration, and even medical problems such as RSI. A concrete calculation of usability impact is difficult, but is often needed by usability advocates within companies, independent consultants etc.”
Comment: Usability and accessibility are worth paying attention to…ROI is often a consideration in usability…but accessibility will have its adoption determined more in legal terms – i.e. human rights issues. For example, someone building a retail store today has to meet certain design requirements that ensure all customers (including those with disabilities) are able to enter. Accessibility is a part of the design process. The same consideration should exist in elearning development.