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Quote: “Convea (pronounced Conveyor) has been designed to improve business communication, collaboration and coordination.”
Comment: I spent the evening playing with this new software tool. Looks great (similar to Groove, but it’s not peer-to-peer). It recently went open source, even though, it currently only works with Windows. With that said, I think it has great potential. I’ve stated previously that the best teaching/learning tool I’ve come across is Groove. I used it several years ago during a pilot with several classes (we still use it in our department for collaboration). The comments and results were better than anything I’ve since experienced with an LMS. I think this is due to the difference in intent between an LMS (like Blackboard or WebCT) and collaborative software (like Groove or Conveya). An LMS is a teaching tool. Collaborative software is a communications/sharing tool. That difference has a huge impact on the learning process.
If you want to explore, the Conveya site allows you to setup a demo account to test it out before downloading…my reaction is that this is a valuable tool that has great potential for learning. I’ll throw it out to the Open Education group as a platform for collaborating…

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  1. Scott Leslie wrote:

    George, on the client side it says it only requires IE, not ‘Windows’ per se (but maybe only IE on Windows, wasn’t entirely clear). Maybe we could get someone on a Mac to try it out using IE. I recognize this might not satisfy *everyone*, but at least it would mean 2 platforms you could use it on right now. And the company does seem like they are investigating other platforms and browser clients which is a positive sign. A great find! Thanks for sharing it. Cheers, Scott.

    Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 11:30 am | Permalink