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Innovative uses for a Computer Classroom?

Innovative Uses for a Computer Classroom?…this meandering Slashdot discussion is an interesting read. One statement in particular caught my eye: ” Computers are best left to technical fields. Plus you have the problem of the learning curve – how much will it take people to figure out how to properly use whatever technology you require of them? Remember, it doesn’t matter if you think it’s easy – if it gives them any kind of trouble, you’re going to have to take time away from what you’re supposed to be teaching to help with with the technology.”
I disagree. I teach in the Hospitality program at Red River College…it’s laptop…has been for years…we use streaming media, video, interactive activities, online testing, etc. to enrich the learning process. I think it helps (not hinders) the quality of learning. As an additional bonus…when students graduate…they are generally capable with computers – a skill that is as essential in our society today as being able to read and write.

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  1. The best use of a linked classroom for a writing class is to have them write. A class can be divided into thirds, with presentation, discussion, and writing. Often discussion can be better in WebCT chat rooms. Students can write for 20-25 minutes, then email essays to peer editors for comment. Comments can be entered by using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Setting up a Table with 3 columns in Word can provide a template which survives email or WebCT mail and can hold evolving versions of an essay, or multiple editors’ comments, or revision in response to peer editing.

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