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Coping with DRM

Coping With Digital Rights Management (.ppt). Details issues, principles, and elements relating to Digital Rights Management (slide 26 is a “big picture” view of EduSource DRM Model). It really is an issue of common sense and balance – content creators have a right to earn an income…content purchasers have a right to fair use. The issue is that simple. Unfortunately, the debate has moved well beyond content creation and use rights…and into an “us versus them” mentality (particularly in the digital media industry – a trend that is being felt in education) based on an industrial revenue model (scarcity of resources and costs in distribution consisting of a large part of the cost of a product).

Give consummers/content users what they want. Don’t confine them to options that you as a content creator define as important. Create a revenue model that reflects very low distribution and duplication costs. Jenny links to a good quote on this: “When your product is stolen by thieves, you have a police problem. When it is stolen by millions of honest customers, you have a marketing problem.”