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TRIZ and Innovation

After seeing this article listed on elearningpost, I spent some time exploring TRIZ – a structured (algorithmic – as one site described it) approach to problem solving (technical and technological) and innovation. It’s a fascinating concept. I’ve always held (and still do) that innovation is a by-product of an environment that encourages experimentation and unusual thinking. TRIZ does not exclude experimentation…instead, it takes an approach that innovation follows set patterns. Innovation is best achieved by focusing on how others have innovated in the past. If this is true, then there is a strong similarity to what people in network analysis and chaos theory preach: there is meaning and structure in the chaos…it’s all linked – in fact the connections are what creates the order. The appearance of disorder is merely a guise that needs to be probed to reveal a clear, finite structure.


  1. David Carter-Tod wrote:

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    I looked into TRIZ a couple of years ago with mixed results. I’ve heard it described in quite disparaging tones, but I’m also of the opinion that structured approaches to creativity are important.


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