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Copy protection is a crime

Copy Protection Is a Crime
Quote: “We’re screwed. Not because we MP3 cowboys and cowgirls will not have to pay for content we’ve been “stealing.” No, we’re screwed because we’re undercutting the basis of our shared intellectual and creative lives. For us to talk, argue, try out ideas, tear down and build up thoughts, assimilate and appropriate concepts – heck, just to be together in public – we have to grant all sorts of leeway. That’s how ideas breed, how cultures get built. If any public space needs plenty of light, air, and room to play, it’s the marketplace of ideas. ”
Comment: This short article expresses a very important idea: the climate for innovation/idea generation is loose and flexible. Absolute control is tyranny. Unfortunately, the latitude that we call “fair use” in copyright law is being eliminated…Copyright law has moved well beyond preserving a content creators’ right to earn from her/his creation…to creating a business model that challenges (and seems to constantly be winning) the notion of cyber-freedom. Any effective system of copyright has to balance two components: the content creator…and the content user. Current DRM is all about the content creator (or owner)…how long can an industry survive if it is at war with its customers?