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elearning is dead

eLearning is dead
Quote: “Two weeks ago at the eLearning 2003 Conference in Manchester, UK, I announced that eLearning was dead.”
Comment: Very short post…but makes the point well: elearning as it was envisioned over the last several years is dead…it’s not viable, and it’s not practical. My bet: over the next year/two, organizations will fall over themselves promoting the “business value” of elearning – terms like metrics, ROI, strategies, solutions, innovations will abound. Sad thing is – they’ll all still be missing the mark. Elearning (or whatever people will start calling it soon) is needed because the undercurrent of what drives society has changed – it’s a digital world…and original elearning initiatives sought to place a template over traditional education and call it “new”. In reality, the industrial model is largely out of date…and anything built on it is outdated before it begins…