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Article: Free and Open Source Movements

I’ve posted a new article on elearnspace: Free and Open Source Movements – Part 1. This is basically an introductory article exploring the how’s and why’s of Free/Open Source movement. Later this week, I’ll release Part 2…which will focus on the need for (and announce the formation of) an organization committed to fostering open source content in education. As always, feedback is appreciated (coveted).


  1. Hi,
    A few weeks I just posted a rant on a Dutch E-learning website asking when the E-learning
    professionals were going to wake up concerning the use of the open source methology/free software philosphy in education. I guess my plea is heard. :)

    The last few years, more and more small scale “open course”-initiatives have been started by individuals. In the GNU/Linux communities there is definitely attention to schools and education. But for some reason, educators are not even trying to understand to problems of the growing proprietarisation of knowledge. The same with Open Access to academic publications, many scholars just don’t seem interested.

    There is definetely a need for an ambitious project that brings the Free Software philosophy and practices to the educational field. So I’m very pleased with this DOSC-initiative, and I hope it will attract the necessary attention to succeed. I’m very interested in cooperating since I’m doing a master thesis [in Dutch] on this right now.
    A few months ago I started to make an overview of the current open content initiatives. [It's not a blog :) ] [some explanatory sections are in Dutch, just neglect them]

    I can probably arrange a mailinglist in the domain. is recent non-profit Dutch project that tries to promote open source/free software and open content , especially in education. As a mailinglistmanager we use mailman which is Free GPL-software, add-free, and downloadable archives.

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  2. David Wiley wrote:

    Guess there’s something of a movement here. I’ll quickly point out short yet similar I recently wrote, though the focus is much more on the history of the open content movement (and I had a word limit constraint). Available at: Folks should also check out the disucssion on the new educational CC licenses which I and others are working on:

    Friday, March 21, 2003 at 4:38 pm | Permalink
  3. gsiemens wrote:

    Hi David…thanks for your comment. I will look review the resources

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