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Reusability Paradox

The Reusability Paradox
Quote: “While we would not put the instructionally meaningful assembly of any two learning objects outside the realm of human capability, our purpose in this paper is to demonstrate that the instructional use or “combination” of certain types of learning objects (“types” here being variations of the objects’ grain sizes) cannot be automated. This single revelation will have a variety of meaningful implications.”
Comment: The article takes 13 points/defintions…and creates a series of propositions relating to learning object .
I’m going to get on my usual soap box on this: the real value of learning objects is not reusability, but the ability to challenge traditional course creation by generating content personalized for learners…based on their previous learning, interest level, learning styles, etc. Most discussion of learning objects currently centers on the economic value of sharing (and this is definitely a real benefit)…but I think the focus should be on better learning – begin with the benefits to the learner…then more to organizational benefits.