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Faculty Development and Diffusion of Innovation

Faculty Development and the Diffusion of Innovations
Quote: “Faculty are being asked to adopt, and adapt to, a number of information age innovations in teaching. While some have adopted these technologies enthusiastically, the majority of instructors have been much slower to integrate these new tools in their teaching. Faculty developers remain frustrated with professors who appear to resist technology integra- tion or those who clearly refuse to use these innovations in their teaching.
What’s needed is an examination of the source of the resistance.”
Comment: Resistance to technology adoption is primarily about resistance to change. This article details gaps between early and mainstream adopters…and suggests a framework for addressing the needs and expectations of each group.

The model: “Our framework suggests the creation of a faculty development structure that uses multiple “spaces,” with each space providing a different point of entry into the structure. The spaces can include both physical and online tools and resources, but online tools would be used as a central starting point. The “Learning Modules” space would include direct instruction in the form of self-paced tutorials and guided practice activities. The second space-”Effective Practices”-would provide access to a database containing success stories of technology integration. In the “Communities of Practice” space, faculty would engage in conversations with others with similar interests in order to plan technology integration.”