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Paying for learning objects

Paying for Learning Objects in a Distributed Repository Model
Quote: “There then remain three problems facing the creation of a “model that would allow for fair compensation” for the use of learning resources:

1. How to ask for payment (and to specify use conditions)
2. How to actually make the payment, and
3. How to make delivery of the learning resource contingent on the payment. ”
Comment: Explores the components needed for a learning object economy…One of the strengths of this article is the focus on utilizing existing resources and infrastructure to handle learning objects…i.e. existing web technology, ecommerce, security, DRM is simply applied to learning objects. As simple as this concept seems, it is uncommon (or at least when it’s communicated it’s made to appear far more complex). Elearning needs to see itself as part of the existing Internet…not as an add on…and as such, needs to utilize established processes.