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Learner success

I attended a presentation on learner success this week. The speaker presented a variety of interesting perspectives…while intended for classrooms, they transfer nicely to elearning. Some thoughts expressed:

  • Student success means different things to different stakeholders (i.e. for employers, success=knowledge and skills, for learners success=achieving life goals)
  • Most learners dropouts occur at the beginning of a program…efforts should be targeted here
  • At risk learners need to be identified and intervention strategies employed
  • Support services should follow the medical model: diagnos and prescribe…personalize
  • Many organizations offer excellent support services, but learners aren’t aware of them (need vs. use mismatch)
  • Organizations need to be intrusive in delivering learner services (not sure about that one…within reason (whatever that is) I guess it could be ok…)
  • Student’s interaction with colleges/universities has evolved…learners want to partner/collaborate with education facilities…they don’t want to be treated like containers to be filled with “education”
  • Organizations need to provide a match between learner’s needs and the environment/provision (i.e. ask them what they need!)
  • 16% of learners are only successful with much help, 16% are successful without any help, 68% of learners are successful because of what the organization does (I think the stats came from the speaker’s personal research…)