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Effective Online Assessment Strategies

Effective Online Assessment Strategies for Today’s Colleges & Universities via Online Learning Update
Quote: “It is important for teachers to have a clear vision of their roles and responsibilities to provide the best teaching strategies for their students. The instructor’s role is a dynamic one that requires having individuals who are able to create a virtual climate that encourages meaningful individual and collaborative learning. Assessment is an important element in the teaching and learning process that challenges instructors to consider evaluation techniques that meet the learning needs of today’s adult learners.”
Comment: Assessment is different online…or at least it should be (actually, assessment should also be different in the classroom – tests are ineffective for most assessments). Plagiarism is a hot topic in education (read Steve’s recent post)…especially in relation to online learning. How can we improve the effectiveness/authenticity of online assessment. The answer lies in authentic assessments…and this article does a nice job detailing student-centered and authentic assessment.