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Games, Simulations

Playing to Learn: Blending Learning with Stories, Games, Toys, and Simulations
Quote: “If learning is about problem-solving and skills mastery, what greater way to accomplish this than by using games, toys, and simulations to help us teach and learn? It is the experiential and problem-based nature of these diversions that renders them so powerful as learning tools.”
Comment: In our department, we (as in Steve) have developed a series of games and simulation activities to enhance the video, text, and audio segments of our online courses. The results were amazing when we piloted the games with students in classrooms. Students were engaged, involved, and active…basically, the material came alive. Most common comment: “This is fun!…way better than boring text” (or some derivative of that). The greatest value of games and simulations in learning is determined by how students interact with the content. Forget the studies, opinions, etc. Watch a learner playing a game. Learning has life.