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Stigmergic Systems

Stigmergic Systems
Quote: “There are several important areas of information where algorithms, search engines and database technology have difficulties with indexing and classification. This is in areas where there is: ambiguity; high volatility; subjective content; high rates of technological change; classification of people; classification of services; etc.
Stigmergic systems are organizing frameworks for many people to cooperate in the creation of knowledge bases to cover these difficult information areas.”
Comment: This is fascinating. Knowledge management is sometimes seen as a “cold” process – the systimization of knowledge is almost impossible – because so much of it is not procedural. Much of what we know exists in the form of intiution and is context sensitive. A system needs to exist that addresses that aspect of our knowledge. “Stigmergic systems are based upon the way insect colonies share and distribute information. When these are enhanced, by placing them in an organic environment, they can grow and self organize without the need for expensive supervision, control and maintenance.”

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  1. Vitorino Ramos, Juan J. Merelo, Self-Organized Stigmergic Document Maps: Environment as a Mechanism for Context Learning, in AEB

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