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NHL & Broadband

NHL Fans & Broadband
Quote: “There was some early skepticism in the league about streaming video, he says. “You keep reading in the press that broadband hasn’t been as much adopted as cable or DSL in the home. But that’s not true for hockey fans.”
NHL fans are regarded as the most tech-savvy in all of sports among fans of the four major team sports, according to market research from Scarborough Research. NHL fans rank first in PC ownership among fans of the four major sports leagues, and first in accessing the Internet via broadband.”
Comment: This surprised me…hockey fans…the most tech-savvy??? Oh well, statistics don’t lie…:).

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  1. PJ wrote:

    The NHL was much quicker than the other major leagues in getting stats and news online.

    I think it was the fact that most papers had zero hockey coverage. has excellent video, leave it to the Canadians.

    Friday, May 23, 2003 at 12:48 pm | Permalink