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Moving Past Time…

Moving Past Time as the Criteria: The Application of Capabilities-Based Educational Equivalency Units in Education via Internettime Blog
Quote: “For nearly a century, the standard for determining the equivalency of academic courses and degrees has relied on time in the classroom as the primary indicator. Though widely accepted and convenient, time as the standard (i.e., the Carnegie unit) offers little utility for today’s institutions of higher education. With the introduction and proliferation of instructional technologies and distance education, equivalency based on time in the classroom is of minimal relevance to students and instructors who supplement educational opportunities through technology (e.g., asynchronous online discussions, computer-based instruction). Unfortunately, proposed alternative models of equivalency that merely build complex relationships between new delivery systems and the conventional standard (e.g., two hours of interactive chat equals one hour in the classroom) will only continue to strengthen the misperception that time-in-the-classroom or time-on-the-Internet is the goal of instruction (Watkins & Schlosser, 2000a).”
Comment: The introduction alone is reason enough to read this article. As Jay Cross has stated before: we’ve moved from measuring “butts in seats” to “page hits”. Neither of these are an indication of learning…yet they are typically the standard used to measure educational success.