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Digital Storytelling
Quote: “Technology, which has already helped spawn a class of amateur journalists through text-based weblogs and niche news sites, is about to blast into oblivion another largely artificial distinction: the gap between professional and amateur visualists.
In the past few years, the cost of creating personal documentary works has fallen so dramatically that the tools are no longer available only to a specialized class. People from all walks of life are now picking up the tools and telling their own stories, with the help of training facilities like the Center for Digital Storytelling.”
Comment: As the author says “We all have a powerful story to tell”…and the art of storytelling is not as common as it once was…yet the most powerful form of communication is through stories. A story can draw in various readers on various points – sometimes even beyond what the author intended (for die-hard constructivists – stories are best tool!!). In education, this principle needs to be explored at greater depth. I don’t remember the lectures my teachers have given…but I remember their stories – often at unusual (and helpful) times. A teaching focus of transmitting information in a linear (text, lecture) format can to be strengthened through the use of storytelling…especially digital storytellling in elearning.

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