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Questions IA’s Ask

Questions Information Architects Ask (Part I)
Quote: “In June 2002, Margaret Hanley and I asked our Nielsen Norman seminar attendees to list their burning information architecture questions. Not surprisingly, we found that information architects are people with a lot of questions. The list below comes from our San Francisco attendees; a week from now I’ll put up a similar list from our Sydney attendees.”


  1. Diane wrote:

    I am wondering is blogs have some sort of counter to tell how many people have visited the blog, or if there is something that tells who visits the site.

    Thanks much,

    Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 6:06 pm | Permalink
  2. Diane wrote:

    Yikes . . . I meant: I am wondering IF (not is) . . .

    Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 6:07 pm | Permalink