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PDAs in the Classroom

Ready or Not–PDAs in the Classroom via Stephen’s Web
Quote: “And so it seems that regular old mobile computing isn’t mobile enough. Now we have an explosion of devices that promise to be even more mobile than our mobile computers-they promise to be supermobile. The business world has seen the evolution of small, special-purpose computing, from personal information managers (PIMs) to personal digital assistants (PDAs), which have now grown into the nearly full-featured PocketPC. This evolution of mobile technology from organizers to supermobile computers has led many educators to begin thinking about how to put them to use in the classroom.”
Comment: No doubt PDA’s will be huge in education…and that developments in wireless will push the trend. Screen size, however, is still the biggest concern…the size, portability, “always have it with you” convenience overcome this obstacle for most people. Personally, I still like a larger screen and a larger typing surface.
We are experimenting with PDAs in our department…(well, once the PDAs arrive we will be). In particular, to evaluate their use in testing and information sharing among students. As a laptop department, our students pay a technology fee that is always a concern for students. Making education more affordable may be a benefit of PDAs…but, affordability and effectiveness of a tool need to be balanced. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as the project unfolds.