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Is Digital Learning Effective in the Workplace?
Quote: “Similar accounts produce similar conclusions-ROI is positive and grades are at least equivalent. But, equivalent test scores only partially answer the question posed here: Just how effective is digital learning when compared against an equivalent classroom event?”
Comment: Let it go…elearning has progressed beyond focusing on effectiveness when compared to classrooms. We can’t keep answering a question that has been answered numerous times…and it’s not an accurate comparison. One of the aspects of elearning that is often ignored is accessibility to learning. When students have access to online learning that they would not have in classrooms, the learning is at least 100% more effective…:).

With that said…this is actually a good article for people still trying to convince people/organizations of the the value of elearning. Final conclusion: digital learning is generally as effective as classroom learning…and factors like student motivation, expectation, and instructor support impact success rates.