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The Bottom Line

The bottom line: effective learning versus low per unit cost
Quote: “In a scathing article at E-learning magazine, consultant Frank L. Greenagel attacks the current state of the art in e-learning. He argues that an obsession with low unit cost and a disregard for learning effectiveness has led to courses that are interoperable but “puerile, boring and of unknown or doubtful effectiveness”.”
Comment: Based on an article posted last week. The concept of ROI and costs for elearning projects needs to be revisited. I don’t completely agree with the notion that effective learning can’t be low cost( as is insinuated in this article). Simple courses with high instructor/student contact may use email, PalTalk, Groove, etc to foster interaction. An LMS isn’t even needed (put those stones down…). The focus, however, needs to be on effective learning. Course designers and instructors need to use the decades of research in education theory. As I’ve stated before – organizations are at risk of falling into to errors – 1. Assuming that elearning is completely different from regular learning, and 2. Assuming that elearning is the same as regular learning. Elearning is a different mode of learning…but at it’s core, it still functions according to established learning theories and concepts.