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The illusion of elearning

The Illusion of E-learning: Why We Are Missing Out On the Promise of IP Technology
Quotes: “E-learning has not kept pace with the development of increasingly rich IP-based delivery platforms because the e-learning experience is, far too often, puerile, boring and of unknown or doubtful effectiveness…Developers don’t seem to be aware of how people learn, or if they are, they nevertheless continue to use mostly flawed models of adult learning…The technology platform is driving the instructional strategy, warping our focus, which should be on creating an engaging learning experience that reliably contributes to the organization’s objectives.”
Comment: Even though the author leaves the impression the article was written while in a very foul mood…I agree. I’ve used excellent platforms (like Groove, streaming media, HorizonLive, Polycom, etc.) as an instructor and as a student. They round out the learning experience very nicely. Yet they are not commonly used. Our concept of elearning development needs a sharper focus – on instructional design…and on using technology tools that make the learning process much more effective.