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Staying the course

Staying the Course
Quote: “No one has exact numbers, but there is a general agreement that attrition is higher in online courses than in classroom-delivered courses. High drop-out rates have been attributed to the demographics of online students, the inexperience of online faculty, poorly designed e-learning technologies, flawed course design, and low bandwidth. Whatever the root cause, I believe the problem can be largely solved through accountability.”
Comment: Short article – highlights the critical role of the instructor. One of the big advantages of elearning (often claimed) is the ability for self-directed students to work at their own pace. Great…but it can go too far. Instructors are in danger of abondoning students if they adhere too much to the view that “students are adults, they’ll contact me if they need help”. Instructors should allow students to move at their own pace – but still stay in touch – let them know someone is out there.