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Is Online learning student friendly?

a href=”″>Is online learning really student friendly?
Quote: “…strong need for us to develop methods both for retaining and for integrating content from longer-duration online learning experiences.”

Comments:This concept is so obvious, it’s a sad commentary on elearning if it needs to be stated. Problem is – I think it also needs to be stated in many traditional classrooms. It’s important for course content to build on previous course content – through integration and application. Anything that is taught should have application and use – if it doesn’t, why is it there? For example, if a concept taught in the first week of an online course isn’t needed to achieve a learning outcome later in the course – get rid of it. Learning is exploratory – and seamless (as in the learning experience is constructed by integrating various concepts to create a unified whole). Some concepts are used to build on later – others are used to shape a mindset…but all of it should be integrated and applied.