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Tech and assessment

Inexorable and Inevitable: The Continuing Story of Technology and Assessment
Quote: “As technology becomes more central to schooling, assessing students in a medium different from the one in which they typically learn will become increasingly untenable… But most importantly, state efforts will need to go beyond the initial achievement of computerizing traditional multiple-choice tests to create assessments that facilitate learning and instruction in ways that paper measures cannot.”
Comment: I’m going to be a cynic for a bit. Assessment is generally not done well in most classrooms. It is even worse in elearning. Assessment is often based on multiple-choice questions, essays, group discussion posts, etc. – essentially, extensions of traditional classes. Concerns are then raised that plagiarism and cheating are concerns…well, duh…it’s been setup so that cheating is an easy option. Authentic, useful, relevant assessments are the best way to discourage plagiarism…and the current model for assessing online students needs to change. To what? No idea, yet…:)