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The Art of Blogging
Summary Notes
Presented MADLAT Conference May 7, 2004

George Siemens

It’s all about change!
How we acquire, use, and trust information is changing.

Blogs and RSS are indicators (not drivers) of a much larger change in the information ecology.


Previously, society of information keepers derived value from ability to erect and maintain barriers. Information structure has been under pressure since 1960’s, as we've moved from a society of information keepers to a society of information sharers. These changes were initially restricted to a small subset of society. The Web brought the change pressures mainstream.

So what?

We're just catching up with needs that have existed for over 40 years. Tools are being developed to reflect new information structure and user needs. These innovations build on the former model, until the core changes are sufficiently distributed to allow the innovations to stand on their own merits.

Some Trends with Content and Information

  • Two-way flow - creator and consumer of content can interact
  • Questioning bias
  • Increased dialogue/discussion
  • Voices given to individuals
  • Decentralized - power pushed to the edges
  • Increased equality among nodes
  • Modularization
  • Pliable connections (or connected specialization)
  • History given to knowledge/learning that used to vaporize



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